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  1. Guys
    Posted this poem prior to server being moved. For all of us!
    Decades have passed since we boarded the Freedom Bird back to the world
    We have raised our families, now they raise theirs
    The weightless of time has passed over our lives
    We try to pretend that we are not haunted by memories of our brothers who did not return.
    The whispering of the jungle still rings in our ears the smell of death fills our senses
    The morning mist in the mountains & on the rice patties remains, no wind will ever sweep them away.
    Evening nightmares are filled the with the faces of those who left their spirit in the nameless battlefields
    They died as Hero’s; we will die as Old Men They will be remembered as young men with young faces
    My hate for our enemies has not subsided.
    Death will come to all of us.
    I do not fear death but not living. After the resurrection Old Men will stare at the faces of those who died young.
    Will they judge us for living full lives?
    Will we recognize each other?

    1. As a Pastor, my theology may be different than most. I believe that the God who created the nature around us has created a heaven more wonderful than we as humans with little understanding of our creator can comprehend.

  2. That is really crappy about what happened to Warlock and other dogs. I heard even worse=larger numbers at end of U.S. involvement. thousands were destroyed.
    I don’t ever remember flak jackets being offered or even suggested, not even in Echo Company which i was part of for a few months before transferring to Charlie. As I recall, the armor guys wore them all the time. They didn’t have to hump so that made sense. Still hot though.

  3. Guys:
    As a Dog handler I always had to wear a flack jacket, guess I would have been Article 15 if I was killed without one. Gardner had big boots to fill following Morris. I pull missions with different companies throughout the 196th and Gardner was not even near the worst a bit anal but he was trying say lives I am guessing?

    1. I am not sure I could have gotten one if wanted. I don’t remember anyone ever wearing one while I was there. Hot and heavy.

    2. Hi Bullwinkle. As an NFG in Charlie Co in Aug 71 I was told to wear a flack jacket on my first deployment into the bush but I soon discarded it due to the heat. I served in the 48th IPSD starting Sept ’71. I guess they did away with the flack jacket rule by then as it was no longer required. I handled Cheyenne (M258) for a number of patrols and hope I did as well as the Warlock Team.
      I have enjoyed reading your past posts and I am glad you are feeling better after your surgery. Hope to hear more from you now that I am looking on the discussion board at Charliegrunts.

      1. Todd
        Pulled a mission with the Marines and they wore the old style with metal plates. One guy offer me $50.00 To swap. Not a chance they weighted 2x ours. Went home April 70. Warlock (35M8) was a STUD.

        1. I am glad you got to take Warlock home. I was almost exactly two years behind you and by then none of the dogs were coming back to the States. Sad time for many handlers.

          1. Todd:
            I did not take Warlock home, but train a new handler “Tommy” from Pittsburg a real “Doper”. Warlock died in 1971, while on patrol he suffer a heat stroke and was put down after being medevac.
            Surprise to hear you were pulled from a Grunt Unit to become a dog handler. We tried that with Dennis Silva C2/1 and the Army would not allow it.
            I trained with Warlock for 20 weeks at Ft. Benning, both basic & off lease. Then flew to Nam with him and the other Off lease handlers (10) and 120 dogs
            Only 200+ dogs made it stateside out of 4000+ deployed. We gave 600 dogs to the ARVN’s they ate them.

          2. Bullwinkle. Sorry I misunderstood about Warlock coming home. Must have been sad for you to leave him. Sorry to hear he was put down due to heat stroke.
            As a grunt one day in Aug 71, the LT from the 48th accompanied a dog team on a mission to Charlie Co. I approached the LT and let him know I was trained as Tracker Dog handler and asked to be transferred. At that time the 48th had a surplus of dogs so a week later I flew back to DaNang on a returning resupply chopper and got assigned Cheyenne. I gave the LT a copy of my orders to RVN with the names of a dozen other Tracker Handlers and he went on a recruiting spree bringing a half dozen of my Tracker handler graduates to the 48th.

    3. Bullwinkle,
      I totally disagree with your perception of Gardner being one of his platoon leaders. He wasn’t trying to save lives he was trying to embellish his record so he could get promoted. He got people killed!

      1. LT
        Only pulled 1 or 2 missions with Gardner as your CO, went home in early April 70. Harper filled me in with his paranoia and incompetence. I never saw that, mostly likely because he so far behind point. Figures Larry says he was West Pointer.

  4. Larry. The email I have for you bounced back. I’ve been trying to get in touch abotu a check I sent that wasn’t cashed.
    Please let me know current email.
    Jim Intravia

  5. I was with C co 2/1 196th in Aug & Sept 1971. As an FNG in that short time I did not get to know many names of the guys in my company. I am looking for info on one who was wounded by shrapnel from an artillery round meant to triangulate our perimeter. It happened in late Aug ’71 I think or early Sept.
    Anyone know of this friendly fire incident or what happened to the wounded soldier?

    1. Hey Todd, yeah I was there. I had only been their a couple of weeks myself. I can’t remember the name but he was an E-6 Staff. I remember him being an onry guy and cussing up a storm when he got hit. He was hit by a flat piece that smacked him in the back of his thigh. Got lucky. I went in Teske’s squad until he left in September then became the sq. ldr. Remember who your LT was?

  6. Im trying to find Sgt Paul Waterbury he was in chulai 1970-71not sure what unit he was with but was on a few LZ’s that i used to fly into to resupply. He was on my copter going home to where we both lived and i haven’t heard from him since. Any help would be great Thanks Dave R, from R.I.

  7. If all you didn’t know I had a cancerous tumor removed from my head/brain on 10/2. The reason I mentioning it (doing well now). The doctor was Dr. Tran who’ father was Doctor for the ARVN’ s in Chu Li.
    Guess it was a good thing we did not kill all them!

    1. Ted its good to hear your doing well and that is really a great story about your doctor what are the odds that you would connect.

  8. Everyone in western Pa. was hoarding toilet paper and paper towels store shelves were empty. I think these people will have enough to wipe for the next 15 years. Stores had to put limits on purchases.

    1. Wally in a big poker game the other night and took home 40 rolls of toilet paper at the end of the night. We use to play for money but no one can go out and spend money anymore.

  9. Must be the Coronavirus. Gov. DeSantis has issued a order anyone flying into Florida from NY-NJ to be quarantine for 14 days. Went to Publix grocery store and people were treating paper towels like they were gold.
    Its crazy

    1. The guys do this from time to time. If you do face book, there is a page for Charlie 2/1 where maybe more people will respond.
      I thought we were going to get an updated web site that is tied in with the Grunt Museum in San Antonio, but that has not happened yet. I do not know why not.

  10. Guys,
    I feel bad that I didn’t recognize that yesterday 50 years ago was the worst day of many of our lives when we lost SFC David Walden, SGT Wayne Peagler and GA along with may others seriously wounded by the two Bouncing Bettys. RIP Brothers and may all the others find peace!

    1. None of us will ever forget that day. Silverman got hit, Doc Grunge got hit. I cut Hoang’s leg off at the knee. What a shit day.

  11. Brothers,
    Take care and stay in the foxhole as an enemy we can’t see is out to get us. Be prepared and stay safe!

  12. The Soldier’s Angel
    For my Wife Karen and all the Wives of Charlie Company
    Old soldiers are made of many parts
    The boys we were, the killers we became, the haunted veterans that wander the earth.
    Our lungs are still filled with the air of life but for many we have a pulseless heart
    If an old soldier has a soul it is the love, we share with our mates
    Wives love their soldiers even when they can’t love themselves
    They have helped us find our lost spirit and regain our humanity
    Held our hands when we could not find the tears and wiped them from our cheeks when they flowed like a fountain of blood
    The echo of our nightmares has always haunted our bond, but their strength has kept us strong
    A women’s heart is a deep ocean and we have drowned in its spirit time after time
    We have always had a thing for beautiful women
    Their image will reflect on the stars and inner beauty will travel to the edge of the universe
    Agent Orange, Old Wounds, PTSD has turned our lives into a frequent flier plan for hospital stays
    Always when We awake there is our Angel.
    Bullwinkle & Warlock

  13. I will join all my brothers in Kansas City next September, 2020. I hope to see you all there. My body is feeling worse every year, I must attend at least a couple of more reunions. A big warm hug to everyone of you. Here in the Southwest the cold temperatures are normally in the 40’s and 50’s. Greetings to you and your families. “Pancho” Martinez.

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